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[Snapshot Henchman] is a gallery of screenshots taken from GuildWars, a MMORPG with some of the most beautiful locations you'll ever come across in a computer game. I've been playing the game myself since early 2006 and the graphics and stunning views that the graphics department come up with time after time never fail to amaze me. Especially in Tyria, entire zones have been created with no in-game purpose but to look stunning. From the quaint little unnamed fishing village in Wizard's Folly to the otherworldly beauty of the Realm of Torment, Guild Wars' scenery is one of the best aspects of the game, so I thought it would be a nice, if insane, idea to screencap the game and share them with the rest of the Internet.

Up until halfway through the Crystal Desert, I was operating on my old graphics card, which was... modest to say the least (it couldn't do anti-aliasing) but I've since upgraded to an awesome one. Still, the old screenies were taken on the same 1680x1050 widescreen monitor, so they'll nevertheless still be gorgeous and usable. Desktop images, layouts, user icons, conning a friend into buying the game for the pretties, whatever takes your fancy. I would ask that you link back to [Screenshot Henchman] if you use any, purely so that other people can have a look at the collection, but it's hardly mandatory. Each thumbnail will lead to a larger picture where you can scroll through the region's gallery or enlarge it to the full 1680x1050, 550kb image, just to save everyone's bandwidth.

At 6207 screenshots, I'm going to call that done. There are a few regions that will only ever get casually done, if at all, because the only way I'm venturing into them is with a party full of guildies (like the Domain of Anguish or the Underworld) or there are that few pretties that I can't really be bothered searching for them (think the dungeons), or they're PvP, which I'm not interested in. They may yet be done in the future, but in the meantime, I've made up a how to guide to taking good looking screenies in GuildWars, so you can polish up your own techniques =3 If you'd like to donate any to the cause, please go right ahead!

Also? This place is HUGE. It will genuinely take hours to browse every image, so here, have some handy download packages.

Most of all, though, just enjoy the pretties. I know I do.

~ General Nimay [Snapshot Henchman]
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[Last updated] [6 March 2011] Embark Beach added to the Battle Isles.